January 03, 2015


It's a new year (somehow) and I'm excited for the 'fresh' start. I've set a few goals (all within reach) and I can't wait to accomplish each one!
 1) Read the Book of Mormon 3 times. This will probably be the hardest to attain because I'm not great at reading my scriptures but I'm up for the challenge.
 2) Run 3 half marathons. I'd run 20 if we had the funds. My goal isn't to just run but also to get faster. I hope to beat my fastest time (2h 21m. 59s) at least twice. Running is something I always love to do but unless I have a goal (like becoming faster), I feel I'm always at a stand still.
3) Cook more. A lot more. We've been eating a lot more meals at home lately and I can't believe how much money we've saved.
4) Amp up the food storage. I'm pretty good about buying a few extra things each shopping trip to add to what we already have but I would really like to get to where I feel really comfortable with what we've got.  As I've learned to coupon and recognize good sales this has become easier but I'm excited to really get a good storage.
5) Relax. Many don't know this but I have pretty severe anxiety. My attacks usually stem from things I can control which is nice but when I feel it coming on, watch out. I can clean the house in a solid hour if I have to. It's been interesting to watch Finn's toys take over our house (not entirely) and have to be able to just let it be. I secretly loved when our house was up for sale and it had to be spotless all the time. On that note, I didn't mop for a full week after we took it off the market.
6) Be a better Mom. I don't think I'm a bad Mom but I have a hard time with putting my phone down and just playing. I'm getting better about just kicking back and letting Finn do what he wants and being along for the ride but this year I'm going to jump in and soak it all up. I used to count down until nap time and bedtime but sometimes I let him stay up and be whiney just so I can spend extra time with him.

I have a few more goals but these are the main ones. I'm so excited for a new year of enjoying life and my cute little family.
 Happy 2015!

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