October 17, 2014

My kid.

"He looks just like Colby!"
 I hear this a lot and it makes me laugh, I actually see a lot of my little self in Finn and I love it. He has my blonde blonde locks, my blue eyes and my puffy cheeks. It's so fun to catch little things that he gets from Colby and I. 

 Last night he was holding my hand for a few minutes and his little hand started to get clammy, he gets that from Colby. He is a very busy boy and doesn't stop until he finishes whatever he is working on, again, this is from his Dad. He is very strong willed and knows what he wants - this he gets from his Mama. Pretty easy going especially when it comes to other kids; if he is playing with something and another kid comes and takes it, he will move onto another toy without even blinking. I would say he gets the easy to please personality from his Dad. 

 A few weeks ago Colby found one of my favorite movies as a kid on Netflix - The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. We sat down to watch it while Finn played and about 3 minutes into it, we noticed Finn has stopped playing and was watching the movie. Not only did he stop the watch the movie, he sat through the entire show, all the way up to the credits. We've watched a lot of movies at our house and he has never paid so much attention. Since then, we've watched the movie about 40 times. Seriously. Little dude is a huge fan of LiLo. Not quite sure who he gets that from. 

Last weekend we went to Huntsville for a baby shower and we were able to catch Great Grandma's cats and pet them for a few minutes. Finn kept getting right in their faces and saying "MEOW'. He was so proud that he had remembered his animal sounds. such a crack up. 

Yesterday I decided that I am finished carrying a diaper bag. A few weeks ago the milk spilled in his bag and it took 4 rounds in the washer to take care of it. FOUR WASHES. So, we went to Target and found a backpack small enough for Finn to carry but big enough to hold the essentials. I don't think he quite understands what it's for but I also don't think he cares. 
 With each new stage that comes, I fall more in love with our sweet boy. He is so smart and loves to do exactly what his Dad and I do. 

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