April 30, 2014

Uno Mas.

One more year has come and gone. 
The biggest year of our lives flew by, just like that.
Tomorrow Finn turns the big 1! Uno! One!
I'm so glad we are a year ahead of this very moment  - last year. 
I was HUGE. Swollen from head to toe and DONE. 
I was over being pregnant and was ready to tie my shoes again.
 I was packin 34 extra pounds and couldn't wait to ditch every single last one. 
My pregnancy was quite easy.
Delivery was a walk in the park.
Recovery ... well lets just say I'm not looking forward to that again. 
But this last year was worth every second of tears, laying on my side for 10 days straight, and sobbing every time I had to move. 
No seriously, the nightmare of recovery is what is keeping me from even considering a second child. 
For now anyway. 

Now I get to wake up to that sweet baby face every single day. 
He is growing up so big and tall and he is learning something new every day.
He stands up in his crib and every piece of furniture that he can reach. 
He loves to crawl and has mastered going up the stairs. 
He isn't walking yet but I think we are getting close. 
He's obsessed with eyelashes and when I ask where Mom's eyelashes are, he puts his finger right up by my eye to get his finger tickled.
He waves bye, claps, cheers, and loves to have yelling contests with Mom and Dad.
He currently says Mom, Dad, No, Stop, Charlie, Yay, and (almost) bye. 

I have loved every single stage. 
Sometimes I dread the next stage because I find it hard to believe that I can love and enjoy him more than I already do. Somehow it always works out. :) 

It's such an honor to be a Mom and 
I couldn't ask for a sweeter boy to give me the title. 

Happy Birthday little dude! 

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  1. I completely agree with the dreading the next stage because you love this one so much but it always works out! So glad that there are some many fun stages.