March 31, 2014

The gift that keeps on giving.

I've been trying extra hard to focus on myself this year without neglecting my family or my responsibilities in the house. It's been different for me to set things aside and go for a run. I'm no where near perfect but I love spending time with them and hate missing anything. For months I felt like I was being selfish when I tied my shoes and left my boys, even if it was just up the stairs to hit the treadmill. I'm still laughing at what opened my eyes and helped me realize that I deserve 'me' time.
  It was the day before my birthday and I got an interesting text from Colby while at work.
 "What's the password to your email?"
I don't give that out to just anybody fella, you're going to have to give me some deets before I tell you anything.
He almost refused and had he tried just a little harder on the old password, he would have figured it out but in a bit of a nervous state, the beans were spilled.
Side note: I signed up for a half marathon in 2012 and in the middle of training I discovered I was pregnant and became nauseous every time I tried to continue my training. At the time I was devastated, I had finally gotten up the guts to run my first half and my body (and fetus) wouldn't let me continue.
 Fast-forward a year and half and the Mr had not forgotten this dream of mine.

 He needed my email password so he could print off the receipt saying I had signed up and paid for another half. Before he sealed the deal with the credit card, I demanded more details. The race was coming up and fast! It was also 45 minutes away and started quite early. He had chosen this race because of the scenery, a man after my own heart. I asked him to hold off so I could maybe find one closer or see if I had a friend running the same one. Basically, I was stalling. I run a lot slower post baby and I was letting the fear of the finish line coming down before I made it to the end stop me.

 A few weeks passed and I decided that this chicken had to cross the road, even if it was just to get to the other side. I posted on fb that I was looking for an Ogden half marathon bib and within minutes I had someone all but offering theirs up. I took the bait, found a neighbor that is running the same race (and pace) and I put my running shoes on.
 Last week we ran 7 miles together, 7 MILES! Half way to FINISHING our half. May 17th will be here before I know it and we will be ready. Ogden Half, I'll see you at the finish line, that is if you don't come down before I get there.

Money can buy temporary happiness but it's the reminder that I matter and my dreams are worth reaching for that really made the big 28 such a great birthday. I'm a lucky gal to have someone so handsome behind me pushing me to accomplish the ones I can't accomplish alone.


  1. We will be there too. You'll rock it!! I'll cheer ya on!! I'm a way better cheerleader than runner! :)

  2. You are going to do great! So glad you are getting some time for you and being able to enjoy it more now. Colby seems like a great supporter, i am so glad!