August 24, 2015

The Lord's Plan.

  Things seem to just cruise these days. I wish I could freeze time and play baseball with Finn all day.  He is growing up so fast and getting tall, I'm certain he will be taller than his mom in no time at all. I can't imagine a day without his sweet face and contagious laugh. He is perfect in my eyes. I never understood the love that my mom had for me until I became a mother myself and oh how that love grows with each new day and with every single challenge.  Sometimes I just sit back and wonder how this life came to be. The Lord has a plan for me and I'm grateful that he is full of patience and knows just what I need.
  I know that I had to marry and divorce so I could learn, grow, and appreciate the next phase of life. I know I had to be patient while waiting for Finn in order to really understand the Lord's plan. As we wait for another child to join our family, I'm again reminded that the Lord's timing is perfect and someday when Finn becomes a big brother, this will all make perfect sense.
  We are blessed to feel of thy love and to see thy hand in our daily lives and for that I am grateful.

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