July 28, 2014

Life - As of Late.

On Memorial Day we were on our way to the Ogden Cemetery when Finn started to fuss in the backseat, I handed him some milk and enjoyed the ride and silently thanked my Father in Heaven for such a beautiful day. A few minutes passed before I turned around to check on the dude and found that he had pushed the top of his bottle and and was shaking the contents free. 
Milk. Was. Everywhere. 
By everywhere I mean Finn was soaked and so was his carseat. 
A quick stop at Walmart for a new shirt and we were on our way. 
Colby all but refused to walk by us. 
I on the other hand, thought we fit right in.

It's no surprise to me that this little dude loves himself an otter pop. I pounded my fair share during those 9 months. They were the one thing I craved when I was pregnant and I remember how hard it was to find them during the winter. I may or may not have cried tears of joy when I found a box on our porch one day. My sweet friend Angie searched high and low for those bad boys. Oh I love her. 

I swore to myself I wouldn't quit smiling when I got these braces put back on. I'm working on it. 
On another note, I'm 1/3 of the way done with them. 

This dude keeps us busy and on our toes. Everyone keeps telling us to hurry and have another and besides the fact that I'm not ready for numero dos, I'm loving every second of our one-on-one time with Finn. I think we'll wait a bit to add to our crew. 

Colby and I snagged tickets for our first ReAl game over the 24th and I think we'll get back as soon as we can. We had a great time. We even ended up right next to Colby's cousin and his wife. They also got tickets off the net. What are the odds! 

Work is getting busier and I'm still loving it. 
I'm learning to compound and in doing so, I'm finding a new interest in them medical field. 

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